The Linguistic Landscapes in the Philippines: Issues and Insights towards Sustainable Futures

Organizer: Linguistic Society of the Philippines

In a country with more than 150 living languages and with the recent paradigm shift from ‘English Only Policy’ to MTB-MLE, there are numerous issues that should be of concern to  various stakeholders in the educational system. The papers in this panel aim at: 1) presenting the overview of Philippine languages and the various issues in the teaching of mother tongue languages in multilingual communities; 2) discussing the issues that revolve around the teaching of English to Filipinos and the rise of Philippine English; 3)  investigating the role that the English language plays in education in the light of the multilingual nature of the country and the implementation of MTB-MLE; 4) arguing the roles of stakeholders in the implementation of language policies in the country.  Towards the end of the panel, the recommendations for efficient planning of local languages and the participation of stakeholders in the execution of community development projects will be drawn.