Plenary Presentations

A Lesson from Recovery and Reconstruction after Mega-Disaster: Banda Aceh 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami -Yasuo Tanaka

Governing Community Relocation after Major Disasters: Three Different Approaches in Japan, Philippines, and Indonesia -Kanako Iuchi

Revitalizing Communal creativity for a Sustainable Future -Felipe M. De Leon Jr.

Performance of Governance Systems for Managing and Recovering from Large-Scale Disasters: A Typhoon Haiyan Recovery Case Study – Jerome Zayas

Sustainability Now: A Prologue to the Future of Sustainability in the Philippine Social Sciences -Ma. Simeona Martinez and Cynthia Zayas

Parallel Presentations

Bulungan, Linisan at Bentahan: Exploring Women’s Participation in the Fishing Practices of an Urban Coastal Area– Anna Beatrice Bague

Kababaihan, Karanasan, Kahirapan: An Inquiry on Precarious Floating Community along Manila Bay– Beatriz Isabel Tumindog

Disaster Adaptation Strategies among the Mamanua in Surigao del Norte,
Southern Philippines– Nimfa Bracamonte

Building Sustainable Futures: Lessons from Indigenous Communities
in the Margins– Maria Cecilia T. Medina

A Model for Organization Transformation in Philippines Local Government – Mendiola Teng -Calleja, Ma. Regina M. Hechanova, Ramon A. Alampay and Edna P. Franco

The Business of Local Governance: The Transformation Story of San Jose City, Nueva Ecija -Ma. Gisela Tiongson

Fostering Religious Literacy in Philippine Public High Schools: Assessing
Possibilities and Challenges – Manuel Victor J. Sapitula

Climate Disasters and Community Resilience: Challenging Governance and Human Security Needs -Emma Porio

Organization Transformation in Philippine Local Government -Ma. Regina Hechanova

Work Values and Organizational Effectiveness of Woman Public Administrators of Batangas Province: Inputs to Organizational Excellence -Aurora De Castro

Sustaining Human Capital Advantage in the Manufacturing Sector of Batangas Province -Roldan Corona Ragot

Institutional Partnerships and Youth Community Engagements in Integrating Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) abd Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Lanao del Norte -Arnold Alamon

Upi, Maguindanao: Left Behind No More -Marshaley Baquiano

Inatay: Lifestyle Domains of Single Parents -Saidamin P. Bagolong Sajid Joseph B. Tiongco, June Carlo L. Bangot, Nona Grace P. Javier

Morospora: Formation of Tribal Leadership in Salam Compound
at Barangay Culiat, Quezon City -Crisanto Q. Regadio Jr.

Changes in the Dimensions of Life of the Filipino Deportees from Malaysia -Bagian Aleyssa Abdulkarim

Awareness of RA 9262 otherwise known as the Anti-Violence against Women and their Children Act in Agoncillo and San Juan, Batangas – Leandra Alethea M. Morales and Mary Angelic U. Sangalang

Labor Policies and Implications in the Philippine Settings -Jessie D. Manapsal

Gender Mapping: An Inclusive Governance Tool for Sustainable Development Initiatives -Carmelo James Esteban and Zenaida Hermozura Esteban

The Dynamics of Gender in Single Parenting -Frances Michelle Nubla

Mga Mundong Istambays: A Sociological Analysis of Social Fields and Work
Orientations of Self-Reported Istambays in Four Research Sites -Joseph Lawrence Jimenez, Mark Anthony Abenir, and Clarence M. Batan

Coping Strategies to Extreme Weather Disturbances -Manuel Leonard Albis, Dennis S. Mapa, and Majah-Leah Ravago

The Links between Energy and Poverty: Evidence of Benefits for the Poor -Dennis S. Mapa, Majah-Leah Ravago, Manuel Leonard Albis, Michael Dominic Del Mundo

Forecasting Philippine Electricity Consumption -Geoffrey Ducanes and Rolando Danao

Adaptive Collaborative Water Governance  The Case of Santa Cruz Sub-Watershed,  Laguna, Philippines  -Myra David, Agnes Rola, Miriam Nguyen, Juan Pulhin

Adaptive Collaborative Governance: The Case of Tigum-Aganan Watershed, Iloilo Province, Western Visayas, Philippines -Joy C. Lizada, Rosalie Arcala-Hall, Teresita S. Espinosa, Ida M. Siason, and Rhodella A. Ibabao

Adaptive Collaborative Water Governance: Application in the Sagudin-Balili Watershed, Cordillera Highlands, Northern Luzon, Philippines -Corazon L. Abansi and Consuelo C. Doble

Perspectives of Viewers on the Integrity of Philippine Television News Programs -Saidamin P. Bagolong, Charlene E. Luna, Leodil P. Micabalo, Mark Christian Jefferson B. Tuazon

Labor Policies and Implications in the Philippine Settings -Jessie D. Manapsal

Local Public Service during Pre-election Period: The Existence of Opportunistic Political Cycles in the Infrastructure and Health Services of the
Municipalities of Guagua and Floridablanca, Pampanga, Dinalupihan, Bataan, and Sta. Maria, Bulacan -Allana Marie Nacino, Yvon Mari Lagdao, Lexa Athena Gador, Hannah Grace Vargas, Maria Carmela Bautista

Perceptions of Selected Batangas Provincial Government Employees towards the Existence of Political Dynasty in the Philippines -Mark Laurence E. Alvarez and Ma. Rosario Tamayo

The Ubos Kun Ubos Phenomenon: The Naga City Experience -Ramon B. Beleno

Seeing the Big Picture: Case Studies from the Local Tracking of the Adaptation
Finance Accountability Initiative (AFAI) -Angelo Kairos T. Dela Cruz, Danica Marie Supnet, and Janssen M. Martinez

The Philippine Current Conditions on Water and Sanitation vis-à-vis the
Sustainable Development Goals -Zaldy C. Collado

Perspectives of Viewers on the Integrity of Philippine Television News Programs -Saidamin P. Bagolong, Charlene E. Luna, Leodil P. Micabalo, Mark Christian Jefferson B. Tuazon

The Influence of Network Embeddedness  on Attitudes Toward Organic Farming Promotion: A Study of Mayors in Bohol, Philippines -Aileen Lapitan and Florencia Palis

Willingness to Pay Premium for an Organic Bangus: A Basis for Promoting
Organic Agribusiness in the Locality Michelle B. Baco and Ignie V. Baco Jr.